SoCAl Rumba

Spanish Vocals & Salsa Percussion

SoCal Rumba is a San Diego, CA based Band that blends Spanish guitar, vocals in Spanish, and Salsa percussion. It is the combination of the musical flavors and talents of guitarists John “Juanito” Tidwell, Fred “Fredi” Kunze, and multiple instrument player Allan Phillips. Allan, who produced the band’s CD, is an Emmy award winner and has been nominated for a Grammy many times. He plays keyboards and percussion with SoCal Rumba. Great salsa conguero Gene Perry plays percussion with the band when they have four or more members. Juanito sings lead vocals, with Allan and Gene covering harmonies and coro. Fredi burns down the fretboard with beautiful and exciting guitar work. Dave Millard, on flute and soprano sax, also joins the band when there are five.



december, 2022

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